Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stampin with God

The other day I was walking up my driveway after a quick evening walk. My boys were with me and we couldn't believe the moon hanging over our house and woods. It was beautiful! I think it is called a Hunter's Moon.

Like all good stampers, we see something wonderful someone created and we CASE it. (CASE--Copy And Share Everything) So, I CASEd God's beautiful moon to make this little thank you note.

Here is my version:

Here is God's:

I honestly can't tell you how He made His creation--although I know it took Him only 6 days for the whole thing! Mine is much simpler and took me 15 minutes and this is how I did it.

First, stamp your image on white paper. This tree image is from Season of Friendship.

Then cover up your image with a scrap circle and ink up your Brayer (available through me if you need one).

Roll the brayer over the whole paper. You may want to hold your scrap circle in place or use temporary adhesive. I used my own fingers, which is why my fingers are especially inky today.

I used Sahara Sand ink for my evening sky.

Next, life up your scrap paper and see what you've got.

Lastly, decorate your card front how ever you'd like. I used the Autumn Harvest set.


Tamera said...

Love this card and what inspired it! God's creation is beautiful and that include you, jen. love you!

Jennifer H. said...

I think is one of the better cards I have seen anywhere in a long time. Not that all your cards aren't beautiful Jen, but this one I took a special liking to. Thanks for always sharing with us!


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