Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Mail Day!

I don't usually get personal mail nowadays. It isn't close to my birthday so I had no reason to expect an envelope with my name in real handwriting on it to be delivered to my mailbox today. Boy was I surprised to see one though!
And inside was this intricately gorgeous card from my friend and fellow stamper.
What a beautiful card, Karen! Thank you so much.
There is quite a lot of detail going on. The butterflies, door, flowers and stems are all stamped on colored cardstock and painstakingly cut out. For me, the hardest thing about cutting little details out like that is NOT the scissor work. It is the gluing on! It is pretty hard to adhere those teeny little pieces of paper with out gluing them to your fingers, the wrong place on your card or losing them completely on your workspace and having to start all over again. Can I get an amen! from all you who understand this?? Thank you for sending me this, Karen! Not only do I treasure this card but it reminded me of the joy it gives people to receive a personal note in today's world.

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