Thursday, September 4, 2008

Faux Wood Grain Card

If you get a moment to blog hop this afternoon, make sure you go to Dawn's site. She has a really cool new technique to try. It is called Faux Wood Grain. She has a video that shows how to do it and it is worth your time. In fact, the video makes it look so easy and so fun that my five year old (home from Kindergarten as he is only part time) watched it twice on his own after I viewed it! I guess you are better than cartoons, Dawn!
Anyway, it caught our attention and we immediately went down to the stamping area to try it out. Here is a picture of my shirtless boy who did his own version of the Faux Wood Grain. And I gotta say, the little guy is pretty artistic! He is quite proud of his finished work.

After I tried the technique it was time to find an image to put with it. Who bought all those flowery, feminine stamp sets on my shelf?? What goes with a faux wood grain?? In fact, looking through the Stampin Up catalog, I was hard pressed to find any current masculine images that went with the faux wood grain (I love to say the word FAUX out loud. Try it. It is a fun word.)

No matter, I think this is the most amazing technique I have done in a long time. With just a few swipes of the ink pad, your paper will soon look very realistically like a piece of wood. Faux wood, rather.


Muriel said...

very nice card. I like the harvest look!

Dawn Griffith said...

OH MY Goodness what a blessing it is to see you both creating .. Way to go .. Thank you for making me smile girlie :-)
Dawn Griffith

Dawn griffith said...

P.S I posted a link to your sweet post today .. Thank you :-)
Dawn Griffith


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