Friday, August 8, 2008

Now I have jumped!

When I was a teenager, ummmm...just a few years ago (said with sarcasm), and I would ask my parents if I could go somewhere or do something with my friends because ALL my friends were going there or doing it, my parents would inevitably ask “if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?"
My glib answer was “well, yeah. I would jump. But first I’d let everyone else jump so I’d have a softer landing.”
I guess that will always be my life long game plan because I’m still doing it. I want to do something, I wait and wait and watch and then finally, I jump in and do it too.
Take Blogging for instance. I have been enthralled with blogs since I first became aware of them a year or so ago. I love to read about other people’s lives and see what they see by the pictures they post. I love to hear the details about their daily existence and the ins and outs of their world. It is almost an addiction.
I wanted to start a blog a while ago but waited and waited and watched until I finally jumped in too.
So this is it.
I promise I’ll update my blog often. I’ll try to report on only the super exciting events of my life. I’ll try to take professional type photos and post them. I’ll show you what kind of stampin projects I’ve been up to. I promise to be a good blogger. As long as you promise to be kind in your comments. Use kind words and be nice to me.
My thanks go out to all the bloggers who have jumped before me. You have made it a much softer landing for me.


jean Meyer said...

Jen, Wow this is fantastik. I will visit you all the time. This is great for you and all of us, so you can keep us informed. I really liked your card. I love the new book and the new colors. Well good luck and I hope you love it. Jean

Tam said...

Jen! This is great! You did a great intro. Sounds professional...not at all the Jen I know. :) I can't wait to read more...of course my reasons will not be because I just have to see the latest card you made. Thanks for the sneak peek on Wesley's card...I didn't show him. Oh, and btw, the link worked when I clicked on it from my email. Luv you!


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