Wednesday, August 13, 2008

again with the waiting

Here I am waiting again. This time it is for my new order to arrive. I bit the bullet and paid extra for the super fast shipping. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

I wanted to have all that new stuff for my class on Monday. So, once it arrives (and I'll probably kiss my UPS guy when he brings it to my door. Do you think that happens a lot to those guys? Wouldn't that be the BEST job in the world? To deliver packages to anxious and happy recipients? I don't think I've ever heard of a bad package being sent via UPS, have you? I think all the bad stuff comes FedEx, snail mail and by stork....just kidding about the stork because I love all four of my kiddos).

Anyway, once that big box comes, I'll have plenty to do. Sorting, organizing, designing, cutting and all that fun stuff (really, I love to organize my new toys, I mean tools) to get ready for Monday. But until then, I'm just sort of waiting. I suppose I could do laundry or wash some windows. Or make cookies for my new cookie jar. But I think I'll just sip some tea and look at the new Stampin Up catalog again. And maybe think about my wish list some more. Maybe revise it a little. Probably add a few things.

So what are you doing on this fine Wednesday? Has anybody created anything they would like to share with me and anyone reading this? If so, leave a comment with your gallery or blog and let us see!

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