Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sewn bunched ribbon

This is my favorite kind of card:  pink, girly, springy, ribbony, dainty, pearly......this kind is the easiest for me to make and I'd happily have all my class cards look like this every month.

But not everyone agrees.  My stampers would complain and/or stop coming. 

You may be wondering how we did that bunchy technique with the pink grosgrain ribbon.  I saw it on somebody's card online but couldn't find the directions.  I didn't even know what to call it in order to google it.  (while I was searching though, I found some other really neat ideas to do with ribbon!)  And I didn't want my stampers to have to use my mini sewing machine.  It would just add a lot of time and frustration into the mix if I had them do that.

So, I cut 7-inch strips of the ribbon and ran a line of SNAIL adhesive down 2/3 of the back of each one.  I glued the ribbon strips to a piece of scrap paper--bunching them up on themselves.  I lined these strips of ribbon up neatly and ran the whole paper through my sewing machine in quick little lines of stitches.  I tried this first with wax paper, thinking my stampers could just gently pull the bunched ribbon off but the paper was too slippery for my darling little Janome.  Scrap paper from my printer worked just fine.  I cut around each ribbon and they were ready for my ladies to use!

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