Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fabric Flowers

Every magazine, clothing store, and tv show I've seen in the past couple of months are sporting these type of large fabric flowers on clothes, bags, jewelry and hair pieces.  Have you noticed them lately too?

These three are made with the Stampin Up die, Flower Folds, and run through the Big Shot.  I had seen a few videos on YouTube and couldn't wait to try it myself.  Here is a good video to watch if you want to see the step by step directions:  click HERE

Not being a sewer (I'm sure I mentioned that fact before), I had very little fabric or buttons or other embellishments in order to make these.  But I do have sharp scissors and four children with a ton of clothes they don't wear anymore.

And actually, the picture does not do these flowers justice, even if they are made with discarded clothes. They are plump and pretty and look great.  I'm re-cycling, re-using, and re-ducing!

I'm also working on another project which involves the Big Shot and the square scallop die.  I'm stuck at a stage where I need Fusible Fleece.  I've never worked with that before and I'm not sure where to get it.  So, until I can get to a fabric store, I put that project aside and made these flowers.

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Marie said...

These are absolutely gorgeous.


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