Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweet Box O' Cards

Once again I impressed myself with my box making abilities and made this box of cards for my sweet sister-in-law.  Except that when I attempted to put the envelopes in, I realized I forgot the make the box big enough to accomodate them.  I had measured the cards not realizing the envelopes were so much bigger.

And really, although I impressed myself, you really shouldn't be impressed much.  Making a box is quite simple.

Just measure your cards and add an inch to the measurements.  Score your ends and adhere.  Maybe I'll do a quick photo tutorial tomorrow.

The only difference with this box is that I ran the lid (pre-glued) through the Big Shot with the Top Note die and added a Window Sheet to make a window. (I just convinced myself that tomorrow's post will definitely be a photo tutorial so you can see the lid going through the Big Shot.)

We will be making this box of cards at a library class that I'll be teaching in the area in a couple of weeks (there were 8 notecards inside the box for my SIL but there won't be that many for the library group).

And here is the card I included for my sister-in-law.  Before I wrote in it and signed it, I decided, at the last minute, that her birthday card should remain blank so that she could use it for some one else if she wished. 

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Tamera said...

You are so thoughtful! I love, love, love my gifts. Homemade is the best...I haven't ate the candle yet. ;)


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