Thursday, December 17, 2009

Commissioned cards and baked goods

The Accountant (my logical straight-laced husband of 17 delightful years) requested I make some cards that he could mail to a few clients this Christmas. I jumped on the idea and used Mojo's sketch from a couple weeks ago to design the cards.

He hasn't seen the finished cards yet and he is a Man of Few Words (and darn it! my Love Language is words of affirmation can you believe it??) so I'm a little anxious to see his reaction. The papers are Stampin Up's Merry Moments Designer Papers and I think I used every single pattern available in the whole pack.

The kids' last day of school before Christmas break is tomorrow and we've been busy making gifts for their teachers. No paper craft gifts this year though. We are giving the gift of my time by baking loaves of bread and cookies. Here are 7 out of the 8 loaves that I pulled out of the oven just a few minutes ago. Believe me, they smell wonderful!

The 8th loaf didn't make it past our greedy hungry little fingers. We love fresh bread out of the oven smothered in butter and strawberry rhubarb jam. Wow. I hope keyboards can tolerate a few crumbs and drips of butter.

I used up every last ounce of flour to make the bread so the cookies had to be Monster Cookies (cause they use no flour-just lots of oatmeal). I haven't tried these yet (unless licking cookie dough off my fingers counts as 'trying' them??) but they smell pretty good and are soft and gooey like they should be.

I know my posting has been a little erratic. And for that, I apologize. I can only say that being a Stay At Home Mom while all four of my kids are gone for 8 hours a day certainly keeps me busier than I ever thought possible.

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