Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crinkling the cardstock

Sometimes we stampers do craaazy things to our precious card stock. All in the name of love.....we rip and tear edges, we poke holes with really sharp needle-like paper piercers, and one class I attended a while ago had us holding glossy card stock over a smoking candle to make sepia toned images (you should have been there to see that! It was so cool!).

The hardest thing to do though, is to wad up a piece of card stock in your hands like you were going to throw it away. Seriously, we don't even treat our tiniest scraps like that. We use bits and pieces of our card stock until there just isn't anymore left to it. We never wad it up and throw it away.

For this card we made in September's class, we took a quarter piece of More Mustard (4" x 5.25") and crinkled it very tightly in our hands till it was little ball of wadded up card stock. It was hard to do at first~one stamper refused and had me do it for her~because crinkling Stampin Up card stock is the complete opposite of everything we believe in.

After the card stock was completely crushed, we opened up the ball and found that, by breaking some of the fibers of the paper, our card stock was softer and wrinkled and had a certain appeal to it. It was very much like suede.

I'm not recommending you try this at home.....wait a minute.....yes! I am recommending it. You might like the results and make a nice card with it like we did.

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