Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to school thank yous

As a Stampin Up demonstrator, I get to experience an amazing event every month of the year. A big box of Stampin Up products arrives at my door by my faithful UPS man, Mr Brown. This box if full of orders from my last class and from my hostess club. Every month with out fail.
I eagerly but neatly (yes, I've been tested for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder via a FaceBook quiz and passed with flying colors and I'm sure it was a real quiz although there were a few misspelled words that irritated the heck out of me) open the box. I sort the items using the order sheet and the orders submitted at my last class. I take my time caressing and oogling the items. I get to bag the orders up in the supplied Stampin Up plastic bags. Some orders require TWO bags...
I grab all the orders and arrange them back into the Stampin Up box and put them in the trunk of my car to make my deliveries. They are arranged by the route I plan on taking.
The deliveries are fun. I get to say hi to my customers/friends and every door I knock on is answered by someone who is incredibly excited to see me and the bag I am bearing. Lucky me. I love my job.

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