Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

My oldest child is 15 today. I'm really proud of who she is and her future. She seems so much more mature than I was at that age. What was I doing at 15? I was probably coveting my best friend's Swatch, watching Smurfs with my little brother while wearing parachute pants and a giant hair bow, and wondering Where's the Beef. Seems like just yesterday. I miss the 80s.

I shared the all time greatest 80s movie last weekend with my older two kids and they laughed at it! Top Gun was an awesome movie! How could anybody laugh at it? They laughed at the hair, the clothes with the high waists, and the music. Here I was sharing a movie with them that spoke to me as a young teen in the 80s and they mocked it. That movie proclaimed to us that you can achieve greatness no matter where you come from or what you endure. And you could achieve greatness because there were totally cool guys like Maverick who looked hot in those aviator sun glasses!

I wonder which 2009 fad will stick in my daughter's memories? Spending hours straightening her already quite straight hair? Listening to Taylor Swift on an iPod? Spending countless wasted hours on facebook?

Wow. I'm really off the subject today. Sorry. I'm just a little traumatized that I have a child that is 15.

Today's card is the one I gave her for her birthday. I guess I was subconsciously regressing her to a younger age by making a young looking card. She will always be my little girl no matter that she is taller than me and is quickly becoming an adult. She didn't really pay attention to the card anyway because she could tell it was bulging with something inside.

We had required her to pay half of the drivers training fee. She saved and saved the amount and handed it over with out complaining last month. We decided to give it back to her on her birthday. She is quite excited about it. Now she has a huge wad of cash to go shopping with this weekend.

We actually celebrated last night because we have two baseball games tonight and she will be gone till late at a track meet.

She chose Cheesecake for her birthday treat. Here is a picture of it with carmel and chocolate syrup drizzled over it and a bunch of walnuts and chocolate mint chips. She doctored it up herself.

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Anonymous said...

mmm I wish someone would make em a cheese cake for my birthday its coming up soon last year all I got was adirt cake from my daughter and not the actually edible kind it was real dirt. but I loved it cuz she made it. oh cute card too.


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