Friday, April 10, 2009

Boy, Thanks

These are the little 4x4 thank you notes for my third son's birthday. Remember I told you that all three of my boys birthdays are just a couple of weeks apart? And how I require them to send thank you notes for any presents they have received? That means I have to come up with quite a few boyish cards since they each want their own design.

And as usual, my only stipulations from him, who is now 6 years old, are No Ribbons, No Flowers, No Buttons, No Pastel Colors, and No Scallop Edges (apparently, those are girly too). hmmm.....with out those types of embellishments, what would be left?!?

This child's favorite stamp set is from the H & M company. He loves this motorcycle stamp that comes with the tire print. Sorry, I've just been informed that this isn't a motorcycle. It is a dirt bike. And there is a difference. He is the same child that corrected me when I called his baseball pants 'capris'--although they are the same length!

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Anonymous said...

Jen, Cute card. You need to post all the time. You made me laugh today when I really needed it. I can understand why a boy would not want his basball pants called capri's. Jean


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