Thursday, March 26, 2009

confession time

I used my children being home from school as an excuse yesterday for not stamping or posting. Shame on me. I know that that wasn't completely true and you probably did too. I mean, really, if I wanted to stamp, I would.

The real reason I didn't stamp for four days was because every time I walked over to my work space and saw this:

I would turn away. And this was the more organized half of the table!
Somewhere in all that mess was my creativity and it wasn't coming out till I put all my stuff away. Whoever said creative clutter is better than idle neatness is WRONG! Who can create in this kind of atmosphere??
So, I spent hours cleaning up my mess. Then, I made more of these Thank you notes for my son while I still possessed the borrowed set "Under the Stars".
Looking at all those cute bears holding the fishing lines before I added the fish to make THIS card, I thought the bears looked like they might be holding a jump rope. Which led me to make a quick thank you note for my Personal Trainer, Wendy.

Wendy is famous for the bandannas she wears at the gym. And also, famous for her growling. Not really. But, she is pretty tough. She whipped my butt into shape (excuse me, I don't normally say the word 'butt' but it goes with the word 'whipped' so well.....). During the 10 weeks she monitored everything I ate, yelled at me during spin class, created a terribly hard work out program for me, and forced me to get on the scale every Friday, I lost weight. So today's simple little card is for her. It was worth it.

And now I have to give the stamp set back so no more bear cards from me. Thanks Robin!


alwayssmilingford said...

Congrats on your weight us the "after" shot!

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome. I'm glad it got used. LOL


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