Monday, December 8, 2008

can this old dog learn new tricks??

I don't really want to call myself an old dog but that American axiom "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" keeps running through my mind over and over and over.....

As you can see, I finally got my new computer. And it sure it a nice one. But it feels different.
The mouse is optical so there is no ball rolling around inside of it (which we had taped together a few months ago because somehow it had gotten dropped and the bottom cover kept popping off). The keyboard is different too. Our old (and I use that term lightly because the computer was only 2 years old) keyboard worked just fine but this new computer came with a new keyboard and it sure is a LOT cleaner than the old one so we are using it. But it has a different feel to it.
I'll get used to it, probably right before it crashes, right??
So, some of my time will be busy learning the new computer and Windows Vista and how to install all of my software (namely the photo publishing stuff) and how to use a mouse with out the rolling ball thingy in it.
And stamping , of course. Lots of stamping. Because we Stampin Up demos could pre-order some new sets from the Stampin Up catalog on December 1. And I did. And I'll be showing you some new stuff soon.
Until it arrives, today's card is a birthday card for my nephew in Boston. He'll be 8 on the day after Christmas. That has got to be the worst possible day to celebrate a birthday. And I actually have TWO family members that were born on the day after Christmas. My nephew in Boston and my niece here in Michigan. They were both born on the same day and the same year so they'll be 8. You'll see her card later. Her incredibly mean mother (my little sister) is delaying her birthday celebration till the Spring.....
Anyway, this card is a 4.5 by 4.5 square that has a surprise slot in the inside to hold money, a gift card, or a check (like I put in there because it has to go through the mail and my mom told me to never mail cash).
The stamp set is Big Bold Birthday from Stampin Up. The colors are Pacific Point, Garden Green, and Tangerine Tango (or is Tango Tangerine??).
Here is the inside:

The slot is made with the Word Window punch from Stampin Up. I don't use that nearly enough but it works perfectly here.

I'm so happy to be back online. I learned that with out my computer, the house gets cleaned a little more often, the kids get to eat regular decent meals, laundry gets folded, and I can read a few more books to my five year old who is quickly getting out of the cuddly stage. posts may not be daily but I'll do my darnedest to balance it all the best that I can.

And if you emailed me something the last 8 days but haven't heard from me, your email is probably forever lost somewhere in space. During the crash, the eternal wait for the new computer and setting the new one up, it most likely will never be found. Please email me again.

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