Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Farmer Thank You

Anyone who didn't grow up in the 80s, in America, will never know what I mean when I ask "Where's the Beef?!?" I think this Wendy's commercial pretty much sums up my entire childhood. "Where's the Beef?!?" was everywhere--we said it at home, on the playground, and at church. We loved it!
Last Spring, it was what I asked every time I opened the freezer. Where's the beef? I saw chicken and lots of venison but no beef. My kids looked at me funny when I kept asking that same question, "Where's the beef?". I need to show them the youtube video.
Anyway, thanks to my husband's cousin, who is a farmer up north, we have a whole bunch of beef in the freezer now. Wonderful, hormone free, organic, free range beef. This thank you card is for him.
Based on the Splitcoast website's stair step fold, it is the perfect card for these Stampin Up stamps from early 2000 (On the Farm).
Here, I stamped them all out on white paper.
Then, I used my Aqua Painter and picked up ink from the lids of assorted ink pads and colored them all.
Next, I cut them all out very carefully.
Last, I glued them on to the stair step card. Here is another view.
It folds up quite nicely and will fit inside a regular card envelope.


Anonymous said...

Jen, Wow, what a cute card. I wish I had that stamp set. We should make one of these stair step cards in class.

Peggy said...

I'm a beef girl too. John faithfully brings home venison every year and it sits in our freezer. I just DON'T like it! Anyway, I am also posting here to let you know that I tagged you....see my blog for details.


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