Wednesday, September 10, 2008

splitcoast challenges--try them!

This stamp set is such a timeless all purpose one! Lovely as a Tree...probably one of the oldest in the entire Stampin Up catalog.

I had some extra time this morning and decided to try today's sketch challenge from Every week a new sketch challenge is posted for me to try. Other people too, not just me. You should try one yourself.

Since I started this blog I have stamped every single day. While I have always enjoyed stamping and especially buying new supplies to stamp with, I didn't get to stamp all the time. I also had other hobbies I indulged in when I had extra moments to myself......reading, walking, showering (ha ha just kidding). I don't do those things anymore---I find that the more I stamp, the easier it gets to come up with ideas. And the easier it gets, the more enjoyable I find it. The more enjoyable it is, the more I want it. The more I want it, the more I indulge. "hi, I'm Jen and I'm an addict..."

Now, I still wouldn't consider myself a naturally creative person. I don't come up with original ideas but I love the sketch challenges and the color challenges I find online. It makes me feel good to put to use all those supplies I hoarded (is that a word??).

So, if you find you have a whole bunch of supplies but rarely get to use them, I suggest you start. Find a place you can set yourself up that won't be in the way....i.e. not on your kitchen table if you think your family may object to eating their breakfast in the company of punches, glitter and expensive Designer Series Paper. Find a few sketches and see what color combos you have. Use those stamp sets that normally collect dust and get them inked up! And don't forget to SHARE your creations. Send a card to a friend you've been thinking of. Or send one to your mom. Moms always love cards.

So here was the sketch challenge:

If any of you want to participate, make sure you leave a comment with the link so I can see your work!


nitestamper said...

beautifully done, great choice of stamp image -always love this set.

Peggy said...

Beautiful! You know trends come and go, but on thing nice about "traditional" is that it is also timeless. about designing a picture frame card for Christmas and including a pic of your whole family. I would love to see one :)


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